Discover the Truth About the Space-Time continuum

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Discover the Truth About the Space-Time continuum

Deep space research is the field of astronomy, space science and astronautics that deals mainly with exploring the extremely distant outer regions of space. Although, there exists very little common agreement as to the exact meaning of ‘astral’, there is general consensus on the subject. In some scientific contexts, it may be referred to as ‘Space-Time continuum’. Some other scientific communities, however, believe that it encompasses the entire Universe. There are also several theories in this area, which postulates that the Universe may be composed of multiple dimensions.

Most people who study the subject have come to consider it as a part of astronomy and space science; they also refer to it as space physics orcosmology. The present situation and its relation to the mankind’s present mission to Mars are some of the factors that have made this a prominent area of research. For example, almost all agree that it is extremely important to explore the far reaches of space to better understand the structure of our solar system, the origin of life on Earth, the formation of the planets and the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe. There have been several proposals put forward for sending robotic missions to the outer planets; however, the future of such missions lies in the form of unmanned exploratory missions.

There are two main schools of thought as regards the future of manned space exploration: the proponents believe that we will eventually discover life on Mars while the opposition believe that we will not find anything. There are two main factors that have pushed back the discovery of life on Mars. First, the amount of dust and debris in the atmosphere of Mars is such that it would be virtually impossible for tiny microbes to survive within such an environment. Secondly, the Solar System has such a large amount of debris that any microbes that did make it to Earth would most likely die due to the high levels of toxic gases at the surface. One school of thought holds that it is highly unlikely that Earth has any microbial life whatsoever, therefore no life could survive in deep space. Nevertheless, the prospects for finding life in outer space are still very strong, with several discoveries each year.

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