How Does Dark Energy Make Matter Curtain?

The universe consists of nothing but space and time and all their contents, which include stars, planets, galaxies, and everything else in between. The Big Bang Theory is the leading modern cosmological explanation of how the universe began to evolve. Though not accepted by all scientists, it is the favored explanation among scientists. It also serves as a primary point of attack for many who are doubting the structure of the universe, especially the laws that govern the evolution of the universe through the Big Bang Theory. The theory, however, offers a very simplified description of how the universe began to evolve and develops into what it is today, providing astronomers with a less complicated explanation of the workings of the universe and better predictions concerning its future.


Among the many theories that scientists have formulated in order to explain the workings of the universe, the most popular one is the Standard Model, which incorporates all the existing theories and mathematics in order to provide a more complete and accurate picture of the early universe. Though the model is popular among scientists, many laypersons believe that it does not have any relevance to how the universe works today. In addition to the standard model, there exists the xmm-newton theory, which is a modification of it as applied to the accelerating universe, to help make it understand the role played by dark energy in causing the accelerated expansion of the universe to occur.

The idea behind dark energy is that it acts as a firewall within the universe, preventing the matter from being thrown out of it and causing collisions or explosions. This law is necessary in order for researchers to understand how the universe came to be in the state that it currently is in, and also to give us clues as to how it will go about further accelerating in the future. Though it is not considered a theory, this concept is gaining support from a number of sources, with cosmologists Albert Einstein and Vera Wang citing it as part of their recent studies on the structure of the universe and space-time. Physicists Steven Weinberg and John Cage also endorsed this concept, though other experts argue that it has no bearing in explaining the universe in its entirety.

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