Various Branches of Physics


Various Branches of Physics

Physics is a very interesting branch of science with lots of applications in many fields of science and engineering. It is also among the first branches to be seriously taught in schools. The subject itself has no beginning and its growth has been slow and steady over the centuries. It aims to understand how nature behaves and what happens in the universe and in space.

One of the branches that physics has had a major part in is astronomy. It mainly deals with how light moves and why it does what it does. Astronomy is the study of celestial objects and how they are moving around the earth and the solar system. In this field there are two main branches, astronomy physics and space sciences which basically look at the relationship between astronomy and physics.

Astrophysics deals with how stars and other heavenly bodies function and what can be done to help us understand their structure and composition. Astronomy and physics often work hand in hand and are often closely related, although there are times when they are able to study separate fields without upsetting each other. There are various theories in physics which have been successfully verified by observation. These include general relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory. There are plenty more that are currently undergoing research and development. There are theories still developing in physics which have not been verified by observation but these theories are said to have strong possibilities of being true.

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