Interesting Facts About Stars

Besides the Sun, many other stars can be observed during the night. Although the Sun is the nearest star to Earth, there are also hundreds of other stars visible in our sky. They are all fixed points of light in the night sky held together by gravity. Here are some interesting facts about stars. Each star is composed of a luminous spheroid of plasma, and they all are formed in the same way. A close observation of the night sky will reveal that these objects are actually in motion.


The radiation that we see in the night sky is emitted by stars. This radiation is caused by enormous numbers of chemical reactions that take place constantly inside of the stars. Some of these reactions produce very small amounts of energy, but they are necessary to sustain a star’s radiation output. For example, a single reaction between two hydrogen gas molecules and one oxygen gas molecule produces 5.7 eV of energy. These processes are very complex and involve countless smaller, yet very powerful, objects.

Stars have also been used to determine the seasons and calendars. A star system that has two or more stars can be called a planetary system. When this happens, two or more stars form an orbital system with each other and produce the light and heat energy that we experience. As a result, a supernova will take place in about a billion years and produce bursts of charged particles. These particles are swept out of space, causing a huge explosion in space.

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