A Brief Introduction To The branches Of Physics

Physics is a subject that is very important in our lives and it gives us the knowledge about what is outside of the earth and what is happening on earth. If you are a kid, you would have noticed that there is a lot of emphasis on physics in school as most kids are fond of science. The importance of physics in the society cannot be deny. If you are in school, then you would have come across various subjects that are related to science, mathematics and physics. We have to be clear about one thing that physics plays an important part in the everyday life of man.


A small portion of physics is called solid-state physics which deals with atoms and the behavior of atomic and molecules. Another branch of physics called solid-state solvation is also interesting and is concerned with the absorption of heat in matter. A third branch of physics known as electroweak theory explains the relation between electric and electromagnetic properties of subatomic particles. A fourth branch of physics that is quite interesting is called the field of condensed physics which looks into the behavior of solitons, quarks and photons at small time scales. A small portion of this branch of physics is experimentationally proven and it deals with the behaviour of ultra light particles.

A little look into these branches of physics will reveal that each of them has a great amount to share with us and we can further understand each of their aspects by looking into their consequences at other smaller levels. These branches of physics mainly include: classical physics (physics of objects), Einstein’s relativity (physics of space and time), mechanics of atoms and molecular structures, nuclear physics, cosmology (physics of the universe and space) and the big bang theory. Among these branches of physics, you can mention four experiments which are done regularly in laboratories all over the world. These experiments are experiment concerning the strong force, weak force, vacuum relaxation and accelerated spinning bowls.

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