What Is Live Casino?

Live Casino

Unlike traditional online casinos where RNGs govern the results of games, Live Casino features real people interacting with players. This makes for a more realistic experience and creates a sense of trust between the dealer and the player. There are also more betting options in Live Casino games.

Generally, live casino games will feature a video feed of a dealer and real casino equipment. For example, blackjack will have a shoe of cards while roulette will feature an actual wheel and ball. When a player clicks to play, they are taken to their selected table and given buttons to press to communicate what they would like to do. The outcome of the game is then decided by that real casino equipment, which can be incredibly exciting as you watch the ball roll across the table before landing in its pocket or watching the card fall into the dealer’s hand.

While many online casinos go to great lengths to assure their customers that their games are fair and not rigged, some players do not feel comfortable with the idea of playing in an online environment. A live casino allows them to enjoy the thrill of a real table but from the comfort of their own homes. They can also chat with the dealer and other players, as well as use the same bankroll for both.

Live Casino games are hosted in special studios that are designed to stream the action to players via their internet connection. Typically, most home internet connections and modern data connections will be able to support this level of video quality. Nevertheless, it is always worth checking your own home setup before selecting an online casino that offers Live Casino games.

The dealers in live casino games will have received extensive training to ensure that they are familiar with the rules and procedures of their chosen casino game. This ensures that the games are conducted correctly and in line with state laws regarding gambling. In addition, the dealers will have a professional appearance that enhances the sense of authenticity for the players.

One of the key factors that drives the popularity of Live Casino is that the experience is truly interactive. Rather than simply broadcasting the game, a live dealer will record every interaction and translate this into data that is sent to the player’s screen. This information can then be used to identify the winners and losers of a round, and even reward or deduct winning bets. This is something that has not yet been replicated in a wholly computer-generated game. This makes Live Casino a true gaming innovation that has taken the world by storm. Its advent changed the way that online casinos operate, and it will continue to expand as more players are drawn to the experience. As such, it is a popular choice for those who prefer to play their favourite table games in the real world. This is particularly the case for those who want to avoid the stress and hassle of travelling to a physical casino, or who are unable to get to a physical venue for any reason.

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