The Universe – A Simple Explanation of Its Truth


The Universe – A Simple Explanation of Its Truth

The universe consists of nothing but space and time and all the contents of this universe, including stars, planets, galaxies, and all the other types of matter and energy as we can see. The Big Bang theory is a popular cosmological description of how the development of the universe happened. This theory postulates that the universe began with a huge explosion of super heat, which occurred about the same time as the birth of our planet Earth. From this point in time, small amounts of matter and radiation began to accumulate in the form of gas, dust, and clumps of matter that were incredibly hot and dense. These were the first particles that became part of the atomic cloud surrounding the sun, which produced the radiation that we observe through the visible spectrum of light.

Over the course of billions of years, this cloud of ordinary matter grew and cooled down, until it was in a very dark state called a ‘honeycomb’ which had extremely high density. From this point in time, the universe had no way to sustain life, so it began to degenerate into chaos and collapse in on itself. In less than a billion years, it was entirely empty, except for dark matter that remained in the form of galaxies and clusters of galaxies. From these clusters of galaxies, super clusters of cold dark matter existed which together formed what we call the universe of normal matter. This is what the cosmologists believe to be the true definition of reality.

However, many disputes are arising over the nature of this universe. Some claim that it is made from mostly dark energy, while others say that it consists of ordinary matter with a tiny amount of dark energy. There are also those who say that there are not sufficient amounts of dark energy for it to make up a universe. It has also been postulated that the speed of expansion of the universe’s ordinary matter is far faster than the speed of expansion of the universe as a whole, giving rise to a problem known as the ‘flation’ of the universe, where the rate of expansion of ordinary matter is much faster than the speed at which it was designed by God in the beginning of His work in creating the universe. Whatever the case may be, we can still be sure that there exists a supreme creator that works in the midst of this intricate and wonderful creation to bring forth into the world the dwellers of salvation.

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