Interesting Facts About Stars

Stars are luminous spheroids of plasma. While the Sun is the closest star to Earth, many others can be observed in the night sky. The gravitational force that holds these objects together is what makes them appear as fixed points of light in the night sky. Despite their great distances, they still remain in our view and are very interesting objects to study. Here are some interesting facts about stars: What are they? And what is their origin?

The most common form of star is a double or triple star. The binary stars are two stars that orbit each other. These objects are also called shooting stars. The meteors that hit Earth are fast-moving rocks that burn up when they enter the atmosphere. These objects travel at more than one million miles per hour! So, if you see a shooting star, know that it is not a normal meteor. There is an explanation for the phenomenon.

Moreover, stars have a long life cycle. They can last for a billion years or more. The process of star formation can also be studied through telescopes. The temperature of a star’s core determines the type of fusion process that occurs inside. For instance, the Sun’s core is 15 million Kelvin, while smaller stars last only a few million years. Interestingly, if you study a star in a microscope, you can tell what happened in the past and what it will do in the future.

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