Astronomy – What is the Universe Made Of?

The universe consists of space-time and all the contents of both space and time-including the contents of all possible Planets, including stars, exospheres, galaxy, and all the other forms of matter and antimatter in the entire universe. The Big Bang Theory is currently the most accepted cosmological model of how the universe developed. This cosmology models the universe as having been in a state of expansion in a very young universe with high vacuum around large regions. This theory also models the universe as being highly correlated, meaning that it contains many small “disappear” regions where there are no visible or measurable gases, as in the case of cold ice, and in which matter can only be found in clusters.

Inflation theory postulates that the universe had a very high density, much more so than the dark matter found in clusters of galaxies. Because of this very high density, astronomers estimate that there is at least twice as much “stuff” in the universe as has been discovered by NASA. The “stuff” is mostly made up of extremely heavy neutral particles such as quarks, anti-rons and tau particles. Over half of the volume of the earth is made up of these heavy particles, while the rest of it consists of ordinary matter.

Radio telescopes have detected a variety of radio sources, which are believed to be produced by the supernovae explosions, the explosions that created the first stars in the universe. If our theory of inflation is correct, then astronomers expect that most of this material is made up of dark matter. The first stars in the universe were created when very heavy particles held together by gravity began to collapse. This process gave off enormous amounts of heat in the first few moments of formation, giving off radiation that reaches us today. These first stars have proven to be very important historical traces of the history of our universe. They provide evidence of a creation process that has taken place millions of years in the past.

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