A Look At Two Main Concentrations Within The Field Of Astronomy


A Look At Two Main Concentrations Within The Field Of Astronomy

Astronomy is an observational science that studies heavenly bodies and natural phenomena associated with them. It makes use of astronomy, mechanics, and astronomy equipment in order to study their cause and evolution. Subjects of common interest among astronomers include stars, exotics, comets, planets, and satellites.

There are two main types of observational astronomy: physical and planetary. Physical astronomy consists of research aimed at finding out the properties of celestial bodies and how they may be influencing their atmosphere, composition, and structure. Astronomy literature comprises physical texts, research reports, images, and astronomical catalogues. Planetary science is concerned with studying the distribution of planets and their systems; the composition, movement, orbit, architecture, composition, atmosphere, and magnetism of planets around other stars. Astronomy software helps in the observation of celestial objects.

Astronomy students can have an active role in one or more of these concentrations. They can participate in extra-solar research interests, telescope surveys, citizen observatories, starlight research, exosphere studies, gravitational field studies, or earth studies. Students can pursue an astronomy degree by attending any of the more than 200 colleges and universities offering astronomy courses. Students can also get good college jobs in research positions, monitoring observatories, museums, public information offices, space centers, or observatories.

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